Outofstock has designed a collection of teak and upholstered furniture inspired by the soft forms of island archipelagos. Titled the holm collection – the word “holm” is derived from the old Norse word holmr, meaning a small island. The collection features a sofa, armchair, daybed, shoe cabinet, nesting tables and valet table, all produced by the brand Scanteak.

While we designed the furniture pieces with functionality in mind – the valet table for example, allows one to work and dine while sitting on the couch / daybed, we also sought to give the pieces imbued personality. Like clusters of small and large islands, the tables are small, mobile and can be used in companion with the larger, upholstered furniture pieces, which are comprised of clusters of soft cushions held snugly by solid teak frames.

The sliding mirror of the shoe cabinet enables one to check his or her attire and shoes before heading out, and is also an expression of functional art, in a shape that is between a circle and a square. This is the essence of the collection where, we have sought a balance between the expressiveness of form and the usefulness derived from it.