Outofstock designed a traveling exhibition display for the Basic Object of Knowledge (B.O.O.K.) exhibition. First shown at the Singapore Art Book Fair in November 2014 at the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, the exhibition is curated and creative directed by Singapore-based Cuban designer Danné Ojeda.

Displaying works by leading graphic designers such as Irma BoomTheseus Chan, Sara de Bondt, Karel Martens, Mevis and Van Deursen, Danné Ojeda, Ingeborg Scheffers and Hansje van Halem, the exhibition showcases physical transformations of the book that affect its anatomical canon.

Meant to be an installation that can be transported easily as it goes on tour from Singapore to Amsterdam and later New York, it displays books by the above designers in both its finished form and its prototype stage, examining how the object-book expresses through its materiality and form. Visitors to the exhibition can sit on stools made from used phonebooks to browse the exhibits.

Photo credits Marvin Tang and Outofstock.